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Applying social work law to asylum and immigration

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Applying social work law to asylum and immigration

This course will present an overview of the policy and law that relates to social work with people involved in the asylum and immigration system and will introduce you to the ways in which social work practitioners can support people with insecure immigration status, refugees and asylum seekers more effectively. It will highlight some of the realities of asylum and immigration in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland today.

This OpenLearn course is an adapted extract from the Open University course K271 Social work law.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • appreciate why social workers need to know about asylum and immigration law
  • understand what it means to be a refugee
  • identify the rights asylum seekers have
  • recognise the support available, as well as barriers to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees accessing services
  • recognise how an understanding of the law and social work values promotes best practice when working with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

First Published: 01/11/2022

Updated: 01/11/2022

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