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The Long Table

Updated Monday, 20th February 2017

Dialogue through performance-discussion.

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Conceived by Lois Weaver and inspired by Marleen Gorris’ film Antonia's Line, the Long Table is an experimental open public forum that is a hybrid performance-installation-roundtable-discussion-dinner-party designed to facilitate dialogue through the gathering together of people with common interests.

It was initiated by artists and cultural organisations and encourages people to participate through special events. The Long Table is local, national, transnational and global in orientation and concerned with anti-discrimination, equality and social justice, education, research, knowledge production and information access.  It began in 2013 and is ongoing. 

This page is part of Participation Now, a project that brings together a diverse collection of participatory public engagement initiatives with the aim of supporting exploration, learning and engagement. Explore the collection of initiatives or read more about the project.





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