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Rupesh Shah On Using Systems Thinking In Practice

Updated Wednesday, 2 February 2022
Dr. Rupesh Shah, a Staff Tutor in Engineering and Innovation at The Open University, speaks with Prof. Simon Bell about what systems means to him.

Transcript (PDF document25.5 KB)

About Rupesh

Rupesh is Senior Lecturer and Staff Tutor in Engineering and Innovation at The Open University. He has supported learning about systems thinking at the OU for over 15 years; initially as a research fellow on the PersSyst Project (working alongside Rose Armson in supporting systems thinking for People services at the OU) and then as an Associate Lecturer on an undergraduate and postgraduate modules in systems thinking.  Rupesh received his BSc (Hons) from the University of Bath in Business Administration in 1997. He gained his PhD from the University of Bath in the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice in the School of Management.  Rupesh has worked as a participatory development practitioner and community educator, designing and managing a range of international and local projects in the UK, India, Argentina and Nigeria.

In describing himself, Rupesh imagines a rich picture with a cartoon of body in a dynamic yoga pose, trees in a landscape that included a shrub with branches in the form of question marks, a variety of people, coming together with an emotion of serious play. He continues “There’s me - mostly practical, connecting to ideas without being overburdened by them, grounded in the everyday, bush-crafting a way through the messes with an attempt loving kindly and probably just a bit too much lightly-held inquiry. A bit scared.”


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