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Park Hill, Sheffield: continuity and change

Updated Friday, 4 May 2012
What stories does Park Hill hold? From 19th century industrial squalor to iconic 'streets in the sky' in the 1960s, Park Hill, Sheffield changes once again as we enter the 21st century.

From 19th century industry to 21st century regeneration

As factories and workshops attracted industrial workers to Sheffield in the 19th century, row upon row of ‘back-to-backs’ sprang up, deteriorating into slum dwellings by the 1920s. Park Hill ‘streets in the sky’, originally built to great international acclaim in the 1960s, suffered dilapidation and decline during the 1980s. Rising again above the rubble, new residents are moving into the renovated and restored, iconic, Grade II listed Park Hill in 2012.

UPDATE: BBC News revisited Park Hill in 2016. See the story on OpenLearn Live.


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