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The stories behind our streets

Updated Monday, 9th July 2012
Where do you live? One answer may be your home postal address but what are the secrets behind your postcode? How has your street changed over the years?

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Dusk view across city skyline, London Where you live might determine who you are and what you get as the phrase ‘the post-code’ lottery suggests. Places carry connotations about whether or not they are desirable places to live and they suggest the kinds of people who might live there. Children learn from playing Monopoly that it's far more desirable to own property on Mayfair than it is to own property on the Old Kent Road.

The Open University has been working with the BBC on two series, The Secret History of Our Streets: London first broadcast on BBC Two, 6th June 2012 and The Secret History of Our Streets: Scotland first broadcast on BBC Two, 25th July 2014. To coincide with the final programme of the first series, Arnold Circus, London, we published some stories behind the streets in Dublin, Ireland alongside Manchester and Sheffield in England, Cardiff in Wales and Glasgow, Scotland.

Will you contribute more stories behind your own streets? There's some great stories to share!

Explore the stories we've published so far, and contribute your own!



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