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Free online resources for Ukrainians settling in the UK and Ireland

Updated Wednesday, 23 March 2022

From free courses in the English language to articles on mental health and wellbeing, here are some free online resources from The Open University.

All of the content listed below is free to use, including all of our OpenLearn courses. Every course offers a free statement of participation on completion (which you can download as a PDF) and some courses give you the opportunity to earn a free digital badge, which you can display and share with potential employers.

In addition to the articles about mental health and wellbeing, you will find some external links to key refugee support organisations with useful resources towards the bottom of this page.

Безкоштовні онлайн-ресурси для українців, які проживають у Великобританії та Ірландії


Close up of a notepad banner with 'Skills for study' written across SKILLS FOR STUDY: Studying for the first time or returning after years away can be daunting. These free courses will refresh your study skills and prepare you for success.

A woman is presenting on a white board banner with 'Skills for work' written across SKILLS FOR WORK: Enhance your work skills without committing to full-time study.


Support and resources from other organisations

Statutory agency | UK Visas and Immigration (GOV.UK) – Seek protection or asylum

General resources for educational support and finance

Legal advice and support

General advice and support


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