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Caring counts in the workplace

Caring counts in the workplace
    • Caring Counts in the Workplace

      Caring Counts in the Workplace (a reflection and planning course for managers and policy makers) is a new version of the original course Caring Counts: a self-reflection and planning course for carers. It has been adapted by The Open University in Scotland for managers and policy makers and is aimed at supporting carers in the workforce. We have developed this in collaboration with the Equal Partners in Care project (Scottish Social Services Council and NHS Education for Scotland) and with Carers Scotland.


      Caring Counts in the Workplace is for employers who recognise that fostering an environment where every member of staff feels supported in the workplace is good employment practice, and who understand the benefits of having 'carer positive' policies and working practices.

      This course links to the criteria for the Scottish Government's Carer Positive initiative, which is awarded to Scottish employers and organisations who are striving to be 'carer positive' workplaces. It also links to the Core Principles for Working with Carers and Young Carers (NES/SSSC 2013), which is the Scottish framework to support workforce learning and practice. You can find out more about the Core Principles on the Equal Partners in Care website.

      Managers and policy makers

      This course will help you to develop a clearer understanding of the issues faced by carers as they juggle their caring role with their working life. It will also help you gain a greater appreciation of carers' personal qualities and recognise the range of highly transferable skills and attributes that people develop in a caring role, and which can enhance their employability and value within the workforce.

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  • Course learning outcomes

    You will consider the implications for employees who have caring responsibilities. You’ll be invited to reflect on the implications for your own practice, for example your role in identifying and supporting carers in your workforce. You’ll complete the course by creating an action plan to develop your own practice, together with recommendations to influence policy and practice at a strategic level within your organisation.

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