Learning and working lives

Caring Counts: a self-reflection and planning course for carers [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]

(10 hours)

It will help carers to gain a clearer understanding of who they are, identify their personal qualities and recognise the range of skills and abilities they’ve developed from their personal experiences and while caring.

It will also help them to look forward, to think about what they’d like to do now or in the future, and to make plans that will help them get where they hope to be.


(Introductory, 10 mins)

How to construct a mind map.

Working life and learning

(Intermediate, 25 hours)

This unit will enable you to reflect upon what you have learned from work, and support you in improving how you learn at work. Work does not mean just the work you do when employed by an organisation. It includes self-employment, voluntary work or caring for others.

Learning to change

(Introductory, 100 hours)

This unit is for people who are thinking about making changes in their lives, such as returning to study or taking a different direction at work. It will help you build on what you already know; consider the choices open to you; use your skills and qualities to achieve change; and make plans for the future.

Life stories

(Introductory, 4 hours)

This unit outlines how encouraging people to talk about the past can be a way to help them manage change in their lives and establish identity in the present; demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles in life story work, which could apply at any age or stage of life; appreciate that life story work is as much about dealing with the present and preparing for the future as it is about sorting out feelings about the past.

The importance of interpersonal skills

(Introductory, 3 hours)

To succeed in management you need good interpersonal skills and you need to understand how to deal with other people. This unit will help you gain an awareness of your skills and understand that an awareness of the interpersonal skills of others can help us enormously when dealing with the work tasks we are responsible for.

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