Guide for facilitators

This short guide provides information and advice for facilitators on how to make the best use of the course when working with individuals or groups.

What is Caring Counts in the Workplace?

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This is a flexible online course built around the stories and experiences of a range of carers who share their lives in text and on film. Some activities take the learner through a process of self-reflection, while others encourage the learner to reflect on the knowledge and skills carers may gain from their caring role, and the challenges they may face combining their caring and work roles, and the role of managers in supporting them to do this.

The course can be used by learners individually or in facilitated groups – or a combination of the two. There are five sessions, which could be completed as an intensive one-day course or over a few weeks. Some ideas on how it might be used are set out below. The course is designed to be used online, but can be downloaded and used without internet access using a computer, on a tablet or an e-reader, or printed out and completed with just pen and paper. The course is completely free.

We have provided an online Reflection Log for learners to reflect on their activities and learning as they progress through the course, saving the updated document as they go along. For those who prefer to work off-line this document can be downloaded and printed off, or learners can simply use pen and paper to record their reflection and planning journey.

The process of reflection will help learners to identify and value the skills and qualities carers develop through their caring role, and their own role in supporting carers in the workplace.

Learners are invited to answer questions at the end of each section. These are mostly multiple choice or matching exercises, which are designed to be enjoyable. These online quizzes are optional but must be completed successfully for the learner to receive a digital badge for the course.

Who is the course for?