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Authentic learning in the digital age

Authentic learning in the digital age
    • The future of learning is in the past. Learn how to make your teaching materials stand the test of time and impact learners using deep-rooted pedagogy.

      Discover the possibilities of authentic learning to meet learners’ needs. Play your part in creating social justice for diverse learners around the world and demonstrate open educational practice in your teaching materials.

      Understand the benefits of enhancing, remixing and reusing content. Authentic learning in the digital age is valuable, accessible and serves a wider purpose, to open up education. 

      Anyone can join this course, particularly educators or professionals who want to create OERs for the classroom online or otherwise. 

      Finish this course over five one-hour lunches! 

    • Course learning outcomes

      At the end of this course you will be able to:

      • Recognise principles of open learning and its connection to authentic learning.
      • Differentiate between how learners learn and why learners learn

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