Trends in learning

A Rubik's cube

No two ways about it. (Photo by mathias-pr-reding on Pexels)

Learning theories are just that - theories. Here is a short activity for you to conduct your own research into learning theories. 

Activity 4 (10 minutes)

  • Search 'online learning theories' and jot down some notes.
  • Which theory/theories resonate with you? 
  • Think back to your learner style - do the theories which resonate with you relate to your learner style?

 A team of Open University academics have collated an annual report since 2012 titled 'Innovating pedagogy', exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment.

To understand how learners interact with the learning material we are going to look at how learning takes place in real life, and see what patterns emerge.

Explore these help sheets which are based on approaches covered in past Innovating Pedagogy reports:

  1. Flipped learning
  2. Teachback
  3. Seamless learning
  4. Learning to learn
  5. Evaluating information
  6. Making thinking visible
  7. Personal inquiry learning
  8. Science in remote labs
  9. MOOCs to support language learning
  10. Maker culture

Bonus activity 

  • Select an approach which uses social media,
  • To what extent does this approach tally with authentic learning?
  • From 1-10 how strongly do you feel these approaches allow the learner to engage with the learning material?
  • If you would like to, share your answers using the hashtag #ALITDA on Twitter.

Sharing your thoughts on this particular topic may connect you to an associated community of practice on Twitter. 

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