Authentic learning in the digital age

River with boats, swans framed by a tree with lamps

A cross between the past and present. (Photo by rachel-xiao on Pexels)

On the surface 'authentic learning' means learning that is authentic. But dig a little deeper and you will find that authentic learning is a whole movement, an aspiration to bring learning back to its roots with never-ending branches that reach out into the future. 

If you give someone an idea, you enrich their life but if you teach them how to learn, they can enrich their own lives - Jim Kwik.

The question of 'how to learn' is intrinsically connected to every individuals preferences, of which there are common themes. We learn everyday by doing, this is authentic learning. However, this course aims to redefine what authentic learning should mean and that where authentic learning is, there is genuine fascination and joy. This is a common theme when you look at how people learn. You will discover more about this in 'Trends in learning'. 

Activity 1 (10 minutes)

  • Conduct a google search for 'Authentic learning' and see what comes up. 
  • What themes do you notice and what does authentic learning mean to you? 
  • Jot your thoughts down or connect to others on the course using #ALITDA on Twitter. This will help you find differences and similarities in thought patterns which will help to consolidate your learning.

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