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Which of the 5 Rs (retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute) do you do? Do you have any experience/examples that you would like to share?

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phone29/01/21, 09:02
U Sai Lon Tip
1It is my pictureU Sai Lon Tip
Your 5Rs2/01/21, 17:22
Hmwe Hmwe
5Nicole Hoare
Remix of my lecture notes2/01/21, 17:15
Hmwe Hmwe
1Hmwe Hmwe
Computer Device1/01/21, 13:10
aye maw
1aye maw
Digital skills, digital learning30/12/20, 18:39
kyi Kyi Win
1kyi Kyi Win
5Rs20/12/18, 09:42
Dharmista Patel
1Dharmista Patel
Revising Work27/06/18, 11:52
Meg Gilks
1Meg Gilks

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