Examples of SMART goals


In this section we point you in the right direction to read more concrete examples of SMART goals.

If you are a student, you might find this article by Ramit Sethi helpful: SMART Objectives: Good Goals vs Bad Goals.

If you operate in the world of business, the following link contains Examples of Business Goals That Follow the SMART Criteria

Are you ready to set up your own SMART goals? 

Activity 1.2 Writing your own goals in a SMART way Allow 30 minutes for this activity

  • Remind yourself of all the SMART criteria.
  • Now have a go at writing your chosen goal in a SMART way. You may want to start with something like:

    ‘By [put a date here], I will have done/I will be able to …’

  • Check that you have covered all the SMART criteria – even leaving one out can limit your chances of success. If it helps to break the goal down further into smaller goals,  then do that. 

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