Success in a MOOC


So you have set up your SMART goals and decided what you want to learn, and you found a MOOC that fits your needs. How do you make this a successful experience? 

The following study tips have been collected from people who have completed a MOOC:

  • Don't do it alone! Tell others what you are doing and if you can, get yourself a study buddy, maybe a work colleague, or even a virtual friend.
  • Set time aside to study. To be on the safe side, double the amount of time that the course recommends.
  • Don't do too many courses at once. Check what you will be able to manage realistically.
  • If the course includes discussion forums, make sure you contribute and engage with other learners.
  • Keep track of your learning; take notes in your own words and review them regularly.
  • Create a folder on your computer containing all the assignments you've produced and activities you took part in to develop a portfolio. New skills can be part of your CV.
  • There's no shame in dropping out; if after a week you decide the course is not for you, then move on to something else. Don't waste your time.

Activity 3.5 Your MOOC study tips. Allow 15 minutes for this activity.

Can you add to the above list? Do you have any tips to study online? Share them with other course participants in this forum.

One more idea before we move on to the next section. To be a successful learner, online or not, you'll often have to deal with that pesky state of procrastination. Watch Barbara Oakley, Professor of Engineering at Oakland University and co-creator of Learning How To Learn, talk about how to learn effectively, including how to handle that moment when you are looking at something you'd really rather not do.

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