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Statement of truth

The final paragraph of  a court statement which says that the maker of the statement confirms the truth of everything in the statement.


Trauma Informed approach

A way of working with clients who have suffered trauma which recognises that the way clients react is related to the trauma they have experienced and enables the worker or volunteer to respond appropriately.


Unconscious bias

An assessment of a person or situation which is affected by social stereotypes or preconceived notions, often without the individual being aware of this.



A characteristic which means an individual is more likely to be physically, emotionally, or mentally hurt, influenced or attacked. In the context of court proceedings, it is a characteristic which makes it more difficult for the individual to fully participate in the proceedings.


Women’s Aid

A national charity which provides services to domestic abuse victims and their families and carries out campaigning work on the issue of domestic abuse.  For further information please see

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