At the end of each definition in this Glossary there is a number in brackets. This indicates the number of the Study Session where the term is first used in this OpenWASH module.

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participant analysis

analysis of those directly affected by a particular problem, and those who influence them (8)


disease-causing agent (2)

peri-urban areas

areas on the outskirts of towns and cities, showing some urban and some rural characteristics (1)

personal accountability

the duty of the individual to take responsibility for his or her actions (5)

policy advocacy

approaches to senior politicians and administrators to explain the impact of an issue and the need for action and change of policy (12)

population density

number of people living per unit area (1)

potable (water)

water that is safe to drink; free from contamination (3)

priority behaviours

behaviour changes that could contribute to an improvement in the health of a target population (10)

private service providers

privately owned companies involved in service provision (3)

process indicators

used to measure the ways in which planned activities have been implemented (15)

programme advocacy

approaches to local leaders to explain the need for action at local community level (12)

project cycle

term used to describe the life of a project from start to finish (13)

public-private partnership

collaboration between a privately owned enterprise and a public or government office (1)

public services

services financed by public money (3)

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