6.3 Developing ethical learning environments

In this video Dr Nceku Nyathi, Lecturer in Business, reflects on his experience of developing ethical learning environments when using the E4J resources with his students in South Africa and the UK.

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So the teaching methodology on which the Education for Justice Modules are built helps us lecturers, I think, develop skills and ideas around how to teach and also how to build an ethical learning environment for our students. Which is really important, I think, to show integrity as lecturers, as we're teaching around issues to do with ethics and integrity.
Yeah, that was one of the starting points, in that the modules contributed in terms of helping me think about setting the environment. So in what atmosphere will these ethics be discussed? So a respect for each other, tolerance, hearing diverse views -- but also learning to unlearn, as well as learn, new things.
So that environment is absolutely crucial in setting up right from the outset. Agreeing some sort of contract about what -- that certain people bringing in certain organisations, protecting people's privacy, names, use of certain language. All that needs to be done in a space that is controlled and done in respect and with dignity.
Because really, what we're doing is trying to build up civic values, civic virtues, within the learning environment that can be transferred very easily to employment situations. Because these kind of approaches, this ethical learning environment, really is an environment for inclusive practise within workplaces and in society on a larger scale, isn't it?
It's challenging the students to be critical, but also allowing them to be reflective. And by being reflective they're exploring beliefs, they're looking at behaviour.
But there's also the issue of action. So there's things happening within the class. It's not just people sitting down and not doing anything. You're moving the class about. People just don't come in and sit still throughout the whole lecture. So that really brings the class alive.
Thank you very much for your insights.
Thank you.
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