Uncovering corruption

Module 8 - Exercises: How to uncover community corruption

E4J University Module Series: Anti-Corruption

Module 6: Detecting and Investigating Corruption

Before or during class, assign students to read The Guardian's article Nine Ways to Use Technology to Reduce Corruption and watch France 24's video Tech24: Meet Rosie, the A.I. Bot helping to detect corruption in Brazil. Then put students into small groups to create a new use of technology to combat corruption in their community.

Lecturers may wish to assign similar videos and articles from local media that might be more relevant and interesting to the students.

Students can be very creative, especially with new technologies and social media, and it is likely that they will see uses for new technology and systems that lecturers may not. Technology access will vary by region and country, but students all use text messaging, apps on smart phones, and Facebook, Instagram, or their equivalent. Use this exercise to foster the students' creativity and connect the issues of corruption to their online world. What some students will create may be surprising and interesting; lecturers choose whether to share all or some of the examples with the class.

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