Pop culture


Module 4 – Exercise 3: Pop culture examples of ethical leadership

Either during class or at home before the class, ask the students to research online a current example of ethical leadership among pop culture figures and celebrities. Ask each student to provide an explanation as to why this figure or celebrity demonstrates ethical leadership.

Alternatively, ask each student to prepare a two-minute video clip presenting the pop-culture ethical leader of their choice.

Lecturer guidelines

The point of this exercise is to encourage students to appreciate how ethical leadership impacts on and relates to their own lives, and to articulate what ethical leadership means in their own terms. Students should feel free to select any pop culture figure as an example of ethical leadership, but the lecturer could stimulate the students by providing some well-known examples from their region such as Bono, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Ivorian reggae singer Alpha Blondie, Nigerian rapper Falz, or Chinese basketball player Yao Ming.

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