Reception on values


Module 13 – Exercise 1: Reception on values

E4J University Module Series: Integrity & Ethics

Module 13: Public Integrity and Ethics

After a short brain-storming on important values, distribute cards to the students and ask them each to write on the card one value that is the most important value in their life. Ask them to imagine that they are at an opening reception of a new programme, and must introduce themselves to the other students by referring to the value on their card. Their card is their business card. They must go to others and present themselves by explaining their guiding value. After short mutual introductions, they should walk to others, to make new contacts.

Lecturer guidelines

Give the students ten minutes to mix and talk, and then collect the cards and post them on a board or flipchart. Acknowledge variety and similarity of values and ask 'How did it feel to introduce yourself with your guiding value?' Students will probably share the fact that we rarely speak about values. The lecturer can emphasize the importance of speaking about values for creating shared values and mutual trust among people. If students need examples of values, they can draw on the list available on the Mindtools website (scroll to "step 4").

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