An introduction to leadership for governors


This course is an introduction to educational leadership and management. It is based on the understanding that researching practice and analysing real situations can lead to change and improvement. The course considers some key issues and concepts in educational leadership and, among others, considers the question of what might constitute good practice in educational leadership and how the capacity to lead might be understood and developed. The importance of planning and evaluating professional learning development as part of this process is analysed and informed using a theoretical model that can be utilised in any school.

This course offers you the opportunity to consider some key issues that can occur within schools. You are asked within several activities to reflect upon different scenarios and write some personal observations in a blog that you will be able to copy and paste into your own computer. Completing the blog is an essential part of this course to demonstrate your active participation – but because situations vary from school to school, answers will vary, and your thoughts remain personal to you.

Some of the activities may require you to choose from a number of possible answers, but the underlining theme of this course is that you take time and answer reflectively and honestly, drawing upon your own personal knowledge and learning.

By taking this course it is hoped that you will develop greater confidence in your role as a governor and be able to take a more informed role within your school.

Learning outcomes