Activity 3: Estyn’s leadership characteristics (forum)

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Leadership Characteristics7/07/21, 01:15
Karline Vialva-Rivers
1Picture of Karline Vialva-RiversKarline Vialva-Rivers
Leadership Characteristics.12/06/21, 17:27
Chacieva Mulrain
1Picture of Chacieva MulrainChacieva Mulrain
An introduction to leadership for school governors (Wales)27/01/21, 09:21
Daw Khin Lay Mon
1Picture of Daw Khin Lay MonDaw Khin Lay Mon
T&L24/12/20, 14:49
Gareth Reynolds
1Picture of Gareth ReynoldsGareth Reynolds
GOVENORS ROLE9/10/20, 12:08
angharad veneklaas slots
2Picture of JEAN FudgeJEAN Fudge
Wellbeing28/05/20, 14:28
Bethan Lewis
3Picture of Ceri-Ann GilbertCeri-Ann Gilbert
Curriculum 22/05/20, 13:24
Crispin Shamufundo
1Picture of Crispin ShamufundoCrispin Shamufundo
Dynamic Process27/02/20, 10:06
Clare Williams
1Picture of Clare WilliamsClare Williams
Governors Role29/01/20, 16:49
Gwilym Pritchard
1Picture of Gwilym PritchardGwilym Pritchard

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