6.6 Your volunteering and interviewing clients

This module has explained what good practice is when meeting and interviewing clients.

In this module you have learned about:

  • How to welcome clients effectively
  • Active listening techniques
  • How to structure the session with your client
  • How to conclude the session.

Support Through Court have a suite of training modules which you can complete so please do take a look at the other modules available. You can study these in any order. They include:

The domestic abuse modules are designed to be studied in order, from the first working to the third. These modules are:

  1. Introducing domestic abuse
  2. Supporting survivors of domestic abuse
  3. Supporting clients who are accused of perpetrating domestic abuse

When meeting clients, please remember:

  • The first impression we make is vitally important
  • Structure the session so you gain the information you need to support the client
  • Conclude the session effectively.

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6.5 Concluding session – return responsibility to the client