Session 5 Developing an action plan

5 Developing an action plan

Developing an action plan
Figure 5 Developing an action plan

This next stage of the course is to plan how you will put all the things you have learned into practice. To do this you will be using SMART objectives to develop an action plan (see Table 6), which will help you through the planning process and make it more manageable. SMART is an English word meaning clever, and in this case is also being used as an acronym where each letter stands for a different objective:

Table 6 SMART objectives

Specific Your objectives should be precise and well-defined.
Measurable Your objectives should be written in a way that makes it clear when you have achieved that objective and also allows you to monitor progress towards it.
Achievable The objectives you set should be things that you are capable of doing.
Relevant Your objectives should be relevant to what you want to achieve.
Time-limited There should be a deadline for the objective to be met.

5.1 Setting your objectives