5.1.2 Social accountability in WASH services

For social accountability in the WASH sector, the first step is to consider who the service providers might be, because these are the people or organisations that need to be socially accountable.

  • Who do you think are the service providers for an urban WASH project?

  • Public officials, professionals, government employees, non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations are all considered to be service providers. All these groups of people should therefore be accountable for their conduct and performance in delivering the services.

Community-based urban WASH projects may encounter serious challenges as a result of poor service delivery. Such challenges may arise if WASH facilities have been installed without the participation of the local community (KIND, 2014). Involving the community at an early stage helps individuals to realise their responsibilities as citizens (personal accountability) and helps to ensure that public officials, politicians and service providers are accountable for their actions (social accountability).

5.1.1 Enabling environment for social accountability

5.2 Putting social accountability principles into practice