15.4.1  Annual work plans

Annual work plans (AWPs) detail the activities to be carried out by the woreda in the year ahead. The plans are specific to a project and are based on its intended outputs in relation to each intended outcome. AWPs include details of who is responsible for what, time frames and budget. They also serve as useful references for monitoring progress later in the year. A sample annual plan is given in Table 15.2. It provides a template that may be adapted for practical use, as appropriate.

Table 15.2  Annual work plan format – one plan for each project outcome. (Adapted from UNDP, 2009)
Expected outputsPlanned activitiesTime framePerson respon­sibleBudget Monitoring framework
Q1 Q2Q3Q4Expend­ituresProgress towards outputs
Output 1 targets:













Output 2 targets:





Output 3 targets:





  • Expected outputs (Table 15.2, column 1) should be completed with baselines, associated indicators and annual targets, as applicable.
  • All planned activities, including monitoring and evaluation activities, to be undertaken during the year towards each stated output should be included in column 2. The planned time frame (divided into quarter years), name of the person responsible and the estimated budget required for each activity go in columns 3 to 5.
  • The monitoring framework includes the expenditures and a record of the progress made towards each output (columns 6 and 7). These columns should be completed later in the year based on measurement of the defined indicators. Where relevant, comments should be included on factors that facilitated or constrained achievement of results, including factors such as timing of inputs and activities, quality of products and services, coordination and other management issues.

15.4  Methods and tools for monitoring

15.4.2  Field visits