2. Money


The work that a voluntary organisation does to achieve its purpose inevitably costs money. Even an organisation run entirely by volunteers will need some funds to carry out its activities. In this section you will be looking at where voluntary organisations get their money from and how they can maximise their fundraising. You will also consider how to read the budgets that set out an organisation’s plan for its money.

Section 2 is divided into three topics:

  1. The basics of budgets introduces how voluntary organisations plan and track their income and expenditure and explains some of the key terms around finances in a voluntary organisation.

  2. Sources of financial income explores the four main categories of income for voluntary organisations, and considers their risks and benefits.

  3. Raising more money gives tips and ideas for increasing fundraising success in a voluntary organisation.

In this section you will learn how to find out about a voluntary organisation’s finances, including where it gets its income from, and will consider and explore a real-life case example of an organisation that has increased its fundraising success.

Learning outcomes