Popular causes

The annual UK Giving Survey asks people which cause area they have given to in the last four weeks. The top 5 are

Figure 3(Source:https://www.cafonline.org/docs/default-source/about-us-publications/caf-uk-giving-web.page 12)

Medical research (26%), animal welfare (25%) and children or young people (24%) were the most popular causes to donate money to. The survey report states:

‘there are are a number of seasonal differences in terms of causes given to in each month, with, for example, donations to children or young people seeing a spike in November, the same time as the Children in Need television campaign. A third (33%) of those who donated in the previous four weeks said they had given to this cause. Although not in the top five overall, donating to homeless people, housing and refuge shelters in the UK remained around 15% each month, though this saw a high of 22% in December, perhaps down to the Christmas giving appeals. As has been seen in previous years, the arts (3%) and sports and recreation (3%) charities are the least popular causes given to.’