What are the requirements?

While studying Taking part in the voluntary sector you have the option to collect a series of digital badges by successfully completing the quiz at the end of each section. Quizzes can only be accessed while studying the course online.

To obtain your badges, you need to:

  • enrol on the course
  • achieve four out of five correct answers in each associated quiz (you do get more than one attempt!).

Please be aware that quiz questions are based on course content. You are encouraged to engage with the content prior to taking the quizzes.

On successful completion, you will receive your badge for that section. You will also receive email notification that your badge has been awarded and it will appear in your My badges area in your profile on OpenLearn Works. Please note it can take up to 24 hours for a badge to be issued.

You might like to go on and collect the full suite of badges for Taking part in the voluntary sector.

What is a statement of participation?

Enrol on the course to collect your badges