The rose:


You can see the rose can be recovered and become something different.

 I used watercolour pastels, which means if you pass a tinny paintbrush in water and after in the watercolour pastel will get the result. Just watch the exercise until the end.

This is a close plan of the rose with the red layer of pastel and water. All you have to do is to put water in your paintbrush and pass over the pastel surface.

I cover the leaves and branches in green and pass water over the pastel with my paintbrush

Here I am working on the background. Use a meddle size nor too big paintbrush and spread the ink

This is the final result. Has you can see it became different and the pastels were useful. You can mix watercolour ink and watercolour pastel.

I just covered the entire surface with watercolour pastel which gave this rose.

Next you will find another similar exercise but different.


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