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No sex please, we're British!

Updated Wednesday, 20th January 2021
There have been major changes in sexual attitudes over the years, but what are the views of the ‘average’ British person in terms of sex? Try our sexual attitudes interactive 'No sex please, we’re British!' to see how your views compare to the majority.

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Illustration - View into a block of British apartments, showing the variety of people inside Click on the image above, to start your interactive experience...


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If you want to learn more about the research behind this interactive, check out www.natsal.ac.uk.


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  • picture of Professor Jacqui Gabb

    Professor Jacqui Gabb

    I joined The Open University in 2004. I have worked as a Staff Tutor and lecturer in Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, and Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences (2014-2016). I am now Professor of Sociology...

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  • picture of Professor Cath Mercer

    Professor Cath Mercer

    (University College of London)

    Cath Mercer is Professor of Sexual Health Sciences at UCL and Co-Principal Investigator for Natsal-4 but has been part of the Natsal team since 2000 when she joined as Natsal-2’s statistician. Her research addresses a broad range of ...

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  • picture of Dr Mathijs Lucassen

    Dr Mathijs Lucassen

    A Senior Lecturer in mental health at The Open University, Dr Mathijs Lucassen researches adolescent mental health, digital interventions, open and free learning as well as the health and wellbeing of sex, sexuality and gender diverse ...

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