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Crime fiction: past, present and future – a discussion between Bill Alder and Simon Brett OBE

Updated Friday, 28 June 2024

Crime fiction is the most popular literary genre in Europe today. Watch a discussion between The Open University’s Bill Alder and distinguished crime fiction author Simon Brett OBE on the past, present and future of crime fiction.

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In April 2024, The Open University (OU) held an online meeting attended by over 150 participants to launch the new Open Centre for Languages and Cultures short course on European crime fiction. The meeting featured a discussion between Bill Alder of the OU and acclaimed crime fiction author Simon Brett OBE.

In the conversation, Simon and Bill guide attendees on a journey of discovery of crime fiction, through different types of narrative, from the ‘golden age’ mystery to the ‘hardboiled’ thriller, from the ‘police procedural’ to ‘cosy crime’, looking at different types of plots, detectives and approaches, reflecting on the popularity of crime fiction adaptations in other media and considering the growing influence of non-Anglophone crime fiction.

You can watch the video below:

Transcript (PDF document129.5 KB) .

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To find out more about Simon Brett, you can visit his website.


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