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Free course

The range of work with young people

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The range of work with young people

This free course, The range of work with young people, identifies some features that we might use to describe the various settings where work with young people takes place. This encourages us to identify similarities and differences between settings. It then introduces some theoretical perspectives to help us review these settings and thus understand more about the experience for young people and workers. Finally, it uses these perspectives to analyse examples of different settings, relating the theoretical ideas to the realities of practice.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the distinction between description and reflection
  • describe the range of work with young people and the variety of organisations, settings and working practices that this encompasses
  • compare and contrast work in a range of settings, using a set of parameters such as: location, type of organisation, aims, funding, worker roles
  • illustrate examples based on personal experience or that of friends or family.

First Published: 31/03/2014

Updated: 10/05/2019

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