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Free course

A mentoring mindset (Meddylfryd mentora)

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A mentoring mindset (Meddylfryd mentora)

This free course, A mentoring mindset (Meddylfryd mentora), will support anyone based in an education setting to develop an understanding of effective mentoring of beginner teachers in the initial teacher education and newly qualified phases. It has been designed using the experiences of colleagues working within the Welsh education system, but the messages about the principles of effective mentoring and coaching and the important role mentors have as teacher-educators within the school-based context remain the same across education systems. 

The course will aid your understanding of the role of a mentor supporting a beginner teacher as they progress along a continuum of familiarisation with and consolidation of principles of teaching and learning, through to autonomous practice. Mentoring as professional development is also explored, as you engage in reflection on your own teaching and leadership practices.



Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the principles of effective mentoring in initial teacher education and the role of the mentor as a teacher educator within a school-based context 
  • understand that mentoring is a continuum which also includes coaching
  • apply theories of mentoring and coaching within teacher-practice when supporting beginner teachers
  • understand mentoring as a professional learning opportunity for the development of personal teaching and leadership development.

First Published: 04/07/2022

Updated: 04/07/2022

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