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Skills for work

Updated Friday, 14 May 2021
Start studying our Employability Skills courses. They focus on core skills which employers often say are missing from many job applicants.  

Often referred as 'soft skills', these core skills cover areas such as networking and communication, leadership and following, plus coaching and mentoring. 

These self-paced courses follow the same format of 24 hours of learning (3 hours per week for 8 weeks). The courses are designed for unconfident learners coming back into education. They align to national levels 4/5 - (1st year undergraduate study).

Each course is digitally badged, allowing the learner to earn and achieve recognition for their skills. Learners report a high level of satisfaction (95%) with the courses and over 85% of learners say they will share their achievements with their employers.

Also featured in this selection is a new course on Internships and Work Experience, guiding new starters in finding the right internship or work experience, making the most out of the experience. 


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