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Developing leadership in the voluntary sector

Updated Monday, 12 December 2022

Are you looking to develop your leadership in the voluntary sector? The OU’s Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL) offers a fresh take on leadership in the voluntary sector, exploring everyday practices, and the actions and interactions that get things done.

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On this page you'll find information about CVSL’s free courses, plus links to other courses and resources from The Open University, to help you develop your leadership practice and respond to complex challenges in an uncertain environment.




If you are in Scotland, we recommend you also explore this introduction to Skills for Work produced in partnership with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Skills for work.

If you are in Wales, we suggest you also explore this introduction to resources on Active Citizenship in Wales Active Citizenship.

Visit the CVSL website for links to further resources and more details of the support available to the voluntary sector through The Open University.



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