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Active Citizenship in Wales

Updated Monday, 24 January 2022

Free online resources to help you think critically about society and politics in Wales, and to help you use your voice as a citizen.

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Active citizenship is the practice of people being engaged in and informed about what happens in their communities and across the country. It also means people being empowered to use their voices to try to effect change and to shape the decisions that affect them.

In Wales, that includes decisions that are made in the Senedd. Since the Senedd was created, more and more powers have been transferred from the UK Government, based in Westminster, to the Senedd, and to the Welsh Government, based in Cardiff Bay. This process is known as devolution.

As the Senedd has grown in age and responsibility, and as the Welsh Government has taken on more power, so too has the civic life of Wales developed. This means that there are now more opportunities for people to participate in, and to shape, decision-making in Wales and, in turn, become active citizens. 

Politicians, government bodies, and the organisations that work with them have a role to play in enabling change. The media has an important role in influencing it and informing people about politics and current affairs. Education is also essential in giving people the skills and knowledge they need to do it well. 

That’s why The Open University in Wales has brought together this collection of free online resources to help you think critically about society and politics in Wales, and to help you use your voice as a citizen.

Mae'r casgliad yma hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg. | This collection is also available in Welsh.


Free online learning resources

Courses, articles and videos available on OpenLearn. 

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Citizens’ Voices, People’s News: Making the Media Work for Wales

An IWA report, in partnership with The Open University in Wales

This research was commissioned by The Open University in Wales (OU) and the Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA), who are working together with Welsh citizens to explore how access to, and understanding of, the media, news and information in Wales can be improved, especially in an era of ‘fake news’.

Wales’ media faces a crisis: funding cuts, the closure of news services, threats to public service broadcasting and fewer opportunities for journalists to work in Wales have for some years been the signs of a democracy with a diminishing public square.

In order to generate solutions to this crisis, in summer 2022 the IWA and the OU in Wales commissioned a Citizens’ Panel of fifteen people from all walks of life in Wales to discuss these issues in depth and to come up with recommendations for solutions. They found strong backing for measures that would allow Wales to support its media more effectively, and put the interests of citizens and communities at its heart.

Useful links

Resources and information from other organisations.


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Senedd Now 
Find out what's happening at the Senedd and ways you can get involved including open consultations and petitions.

Welsh Government – Consultations
Find open consultations on the Welsh Government website you can respond to.

Welsh Government – Public appointments
Public appointments are for members of committees which guide and take decisions on public services in Wales. Anyone can apply for a public appointment.

Bevan Foundation
An independent think tank formed to strengthen public policy after devolution. You can find analysis and in-depth reports on the big issues facing Wales.

An free service that takes open data from the UK Parliament and presents it in a digestible, easy to follow way such as an alert system to keep you up to date your MP’s activity.

Full Fact
An independent fact checking organisation that can help confirm the validity of news coverage and social media stories.
A useful reference source for researching global urban legends, folklore, myths, rumours, and misinformation.



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