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A Taste of Astrophysics: Space Exploration

Updated Wednesday, 10th February 2021
In Space Exploration – A Taste of Astrophysics, physicists from Aberystwyth University discuss how we are working on current and future space exploration missions.

Physicists are central to our understanding of the universe and our place in it; from our local environment here on Earth to our Solar System and the understanding of our source of life – our star the Sun – all the way out to far reaching explorations of further systems.

This session looks at some of the research physicists at Aberystwyth University are involved in and the skills they need to undertake this exciting research.



The 'Taste of' Series

A superb showcase of subject disciplines at Aberystwyth University. These lively interactive events will engage students in discussion of contemporary issues, designed to enrich their current studies whilst bringing to life the wealth of academic possibilities available at university.

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