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Applying to study for a PhD in psychology

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Applying to study for a PhD in psychology

Are you a psychology student or graduate? Are you interested in studying for a PhD at some future point? Do you want to learn more about PhD study in the UK? Do you know how to apply?

This free OpenLearn course is about studying for a PhD in psychology. Even if you have met PhD students and heard about their projects, it’s likely that you have only a vague idea of what PhD study entails. In this course, you’ll learn how it differs from other study options.

In Session 1 you will obtain more information and do self-assessment activities to decide whether doing a PhD is the next step for you.

If you decide that you’re ready for PhD study, you can use Session 2 to help you apply. This session provides more guidance on application processes. It gives advice on writing a research proposal, approaching prospective supervisors and preparing for an interview.

First Published: 15/11/2021

Updated: 15/11/2021

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