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Coronavirus: Dealing with Death, Dying and Grief

Updated Wednesday, 1 April 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has lead to many people across the globe facing bereavement and grief. We've pulled together some FREE resources to offer advice or comfort in these times.

We only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, which is why it’s vital to talk, plan and make arrangements for the end of life – before it’s too late. With the sudden Coronavirus pandemic, it seems more crucial than ever to lay out our plans; our immersive interactive 'Life or Death Decisions' explores this further. We also have three free courses on the subject of death, dying and grief, which could prove useful at this time. We also have an article on why death of a loved-one from COVID-19 is particularly difficult to process. Check out the resources below:

Depression is extremely common when it comes to a loved one dying and there's much anxiety around the numbers of deaths due to COVID-19. The two free courses below look at depression and anxiety in more detail, plus we have an article on what to do about your ill mental health if you don't have the support you need.

We've also put together this video series on our YouTube channel, exploring different ways of breaking bad news and the impact of how the news is delivered has upon the person hearing it. How do you tell someone that they're dying? And how will they respond to the news? 

Did you know death, dying and bereavement has been a major research and teaching theme at the OU for over twenty years? Find out more on our research page.

We have curated a collection of free learning content from OpenLearn to open up the subject. Take a look at the extra resources below.


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