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Getting started with French 1
Getting started with French 1

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3 Adjectives of nationality

Now you know how to say a few nationalities and that ‘je suis’ means ‘I am’, have a go at translating the nationalities in the activity below.

Activity 3

Can you translate all these nationalities into English? You may need to use a dictionary.

  1. Je suis canadien.
  2. Je suis japonais.
  3. Je suis gallois.
  4. Je suis australien.
  5. Je suis chinois.
  6. Je suis finlandais.
  7. Je suis hollandais.
  8. Je suis polonais.
  9. Je suis hongrois.
  10. Je suis écossais.
  11. Je suis russe.
  12. Je suis irlandais.
  13. Je suis américain.
  14. Je suis suisse.
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  1. I am Canadian.
  2. I am Japanese.
  3. I am Welsh.
  4. I am Australian.
  5. I am Chinese.
  6. I am Finnish.
  7. I am Dutch.
  8. I am Polish.
  9. I am Hungarian.
  10. I am Scottish.
  11. I am Russian.
  12. I am Irish.
  13. I am American.
  14. I am Swiss.

The ‘être’ verb

‘Je suis’ is part of the verb ‘être’, ‘to be.’ Here are some more parts of the verb:

  • Je suis – I am

  • Il est – he is

  • Elle est – she is

Note that the ‘j’ in ‘je’ is a capital letter only when it is at the start of a sentence.