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Getting started with French 1
Getting started with French 1

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5 Practise adjectives of nationality

Now have a go at Activity 5.

Activity 5

Imagine you’re in Tours, in France, and just getting to know a group of people who are all gathered together at the start of a course for learners of French.

Look for clues and select the correct form of the adjective of nationality:

Using the following two lists, match each numbered item with the correct letter.

  1. allemande

  2. espagnole

  3. russe

  4. italienne

  5. espagnol

  • a.Elisabeth ? Elle est (German).

  • b.Anouchka, elle est (Russian).

  • c.Moi, je m’appelle Carlos et je suis (Spanish).

  • d.Maribel est (Spanish).

  • e.Anna-Maria est (Italian).

The correct answers are:
  • 1 = a
  • 2 = d
  • 3 = b
  • 4 = e
  • 5 = c

Before you move on, make sure you’ve noted in your language notebook any new vocabulary or structures that you’ve learned so far this week.