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Getting started on ancient Greek
Getting started on ancient Greek

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9 Practise your learning

When you feel reasonably confident about the order of the letters, try the following activities.

Activity 10 Session practice

Timing: Allow about 10 minutes


δουλος (slave)


γη (earth, land)

The correct answer is b.


θεος (god)


τιμη (honour)

The correct answer is a.


ξενος (stranger, foreigner)


νικη (victory)

The correct answer is b.

2. Place the names of these people in alphabetical order:

Using the following two lists, match each numbered item with the correct letter.

  1. Ζευς

  2. Θεμιστοκληϛ

  3. Ξερξηϛ

  4. Πλατων

  5. Ραμψινιτος

  6. Σωκρατηϛ

  • a.Second

  • b.Fourth

  • c.Third

  • d.Fifth

  • e.Last in order

  • f.First in order

The correct answers are:
  • 1 = f
  • 2 = a
  • 3 = c
  • 4 = b
  • 5 = d
  • 6 = e


This is the correct order, along with some description of the figures in question:

  • Ζευς (Zeus), father of the gods.
  • Θεμιστοκληϛ (Themistoclēs), Athenian politician and general; victor over the Persians at the battle of Salamis in 480 BCE.
  • Ξερξηϛ (Xerxēs), king of Persia, 486-465 BCE.
  • Πλατων (Platо̄n = Plato), Athenian philosopher, c. 429-347 BCE; author of numerous philosophical dialogues.
  • Ραμψινιτος (Rhampsinitos), legendary Egyptian pharaoh mentioned by Herodotus in his Histories.
  • Σωκρατηϛ (Sо̄cratēs), Athenian philosopher, teacher of Plato; put to death on a charge of impiety in 399 BCE.