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Developing employability through sport and physical activity
Developing employability through sport and physical activity

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Session 3: Building foundation key behaviours for success


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Figure 1 Behaviours can influence performance

By now you should have gained an appreciation for the skills that can be developed through sport and transferred to the workplace. But what do we mean when we see the term behaviours? In the context of sport, behaviours can refer to the actions and conduct exhibited by athletes, coaches, and other individuals involved. The employability skills you focused on in Session 2 (communication, problem-solving, collaboration, numeracy, and digital and information literacy) provide foundation for you to engage in positive behaviours that enhance your success.

Behaviours in sport are not limited to the physical aspects of performance but also encompass psychological and social dimensions. They are crucial because they not only influence performance but also impact the overall dynamics of a team or organisation. Positive behaviours, such as showing respect for opponents, displaying good sportsmanship, and exhibiting strong work ethic can contribute to a healthy, productive sporting environment. On the other hand, negative behaviours, such as cheating, aggression, or unsportsmanlike conduct can undermine performance, team cohesion, and the integrity of the sport (UK Coaching, 2018). These principles can also be applied within the workplace.

During this session you are going to delve into the ‘Behaviours and attributes’ domain of the Open University’s Employability Framework, which encompasses:

  • Initiative
  • Self-management and resilience
  • Self-awareness

You will explore the impact of each of these behaviours and their transferability to the workplace. Through reflective exercises, you will uncover the nuances of each behaviour and their potential applicability in professional settings, gaining valuable insights into harnessing the power of these behaviours in your career journey.