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Developing employability through sport and physical activity
Developing employability through sport and physical activity

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5 Effectively showcasing your skills

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Throughout the previous sessions you should have been able to identify examples whereby you have developed your employability skills through your engagement in sport. This is an invaluable task in itself. In many job interviews these days potential recruits are often asked a range of behavioural or situational questions which invite you to give specific examples of how or when you have displayed a specific skill or trait. Examples might include:

  • When have you had to work under pressure to achieve a goal?
  • Tell me about a time you have worked as part of a team towards an objective.
  • Give me an example of when you displayed resilience or overcome a challenge.

This course should have equipped you to be able to confidently answer a range of these questions. As mentioned in the podcast in the previous section, we recommend when you are asked a question like this you respond using the STAR method as a framework:

  • Situation: describe the situation that you were in.
  • Task: what goal were you working toward?
  • Action: describe the actions that you took to address the discussion.
  • Result: describe the outcome and don’t be shy about taking credit for your behaviour.

Here is an example which has been specifically related to sport, but obviously there is an opportunity to draw on examples from other aspects of your life.


Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team to achieve a challenging goal.


  • Situation: Last year, I was a member of a hockey team competing in a regional tournament. We reached the final, which was against highly skilled and experienced opponents.
  • Task: Our task was to work together as a team to overcome the challenge, play to the best of our abilities, and ultimately win the tournament.
  • Action: During the match, we implemented our strategy and maintained a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation on the field. We constantly communicated, provided support, and made quick decisions to adapt to the flow of the game. When facing setbacks or moments of pressure, we encouraged each other and remained focused on our shared goal. I specifically played as a midfielder, responsible for linking defence and offense. I ensured effective communication between teammates, controlled the tempo of the game, and made accurate passes to create scoring opportunities. Additionally, I provided defensive support and tracked back when needed.
  • Result: Through our collective efforts and cohesive teamwork, we were able to secure a hard-fought victory in the final. Winning the tournament was a testament to our shared dedication, commitment, and effective teamwork. It showcased our ability to work together under pressure, adapt to challenges, and ultimately achieve our common goal.

By using the STAR method, this example demonstrates the individual’s role and actions within a sports team, highlighting their contribution, communication skills, adaptability, and leadership qualities. Additionally, it emphasises the positive outcome achieved through effective teamwork and showcases their ability to excel as part of a team in a competitive sports environment.

By following the STAR method, you can provide a structured and concise response that showcases your skills, actions, and the positive outcomes of your efforts in a clear and compelling manner.

In the Spotlight

Let’s hear from Georgi one last time as she discusses the connections between the skills she’s honed through gymnastics and their real-world applications in her career. Now, it’s your turn! Can you draw parallels between the skills you’ve cultivated through sports or physical activities and how they can boost your professional journey?

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Video: Georgi
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