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Succeed with maths: part 2
Succeed with maths: part 2

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3.2 Relating the two systems: volume

For volume you’re going to look at how just two units compare, that is pints and litres. This is because there is no real equivalent of the gallon in the metric system.

To see how the two are related, it is helpful to use an example.

Milk is still sold in containers that are exact sizes in pints, although the quantity in litres is displayed with equal prominence. On a 4-pint container of milk the label states that this is also 2.272 litres.

You can use this information to determine how pints and litres are related to each other. Try now in this next activity.

Activity 7 How do pints relate to litres?

Timing: Allow approximately 3 minutes

A milk bottle label states that it contains 4 pints or 2.272 litres. Use this information to work out how pints and litres are related by stating how many pints are in 1 litre. Remember you can click on ‘reveal comment’ for hints and tips.


The information on the label means that four pints times equals 2.272 litres


You know that: four pints equals 2.272 litres

So 1 litre is 2.272 times smaller than shown here. This means to determine how many pints are in 1 litre you must divide by 2.272.

one litre equals four division 2.272 pints

one postfix times litre equals 1.76 pints