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Looking globally: the future of education
Looking globally: the future of education

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6 Considering all three models together

The three models have distinct differences although they are all focused on education. Here you will think about how the models are reflected in popular thinking.

Activity 5 Thinking about all three models and developing your own view

Part A: Thinking about all three models

Timing: Allow approximately 30 minutes

Below are the quotes about education that you prioritised in Activity 1. This time, assign each one to a particular model of thinking about the purposes of education.

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Part B: Developing your own view

Timing: Allow approximately 30 minutes

Listen to these audio instructions and think carefully about each question (the questions are given below if you prefer to read them).

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Think about:

  • Were some quotes easier to categorise than others?
  • Did you find that some quotes were influenced by more than one model?
  • Many people consider that these three models are not distinct, that it is possible to think in terms of two of these approaches working together. In fact it has been said that without the rights-based model, the capabilities approach does not make sense. Do you agree?
  • How far did you think one model overlapped with another? Identify three similarities between two of the models. Now consider how each model differs from the others.
  • Which model of education feels right to you? Which has the most characteristics that you value?

Look back at the decisions you made in Activity 1 (click here to return to Activity 1 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] , or find your screenshot if you took one). Consider which model of education your higher placed quotations came from. Does the result of this exercise surprise you?

Now write a summary of your thinking of the purpose of education in relation to the three models presented on this course in 200 words and share it on the course forum.

Remember that you need to add at least three posts to the forum in order to gain your badge.

Please note: we may wish to reuse your forum contributions, anonymously, in future sessions of this course. If you wish to opt out of this, email .