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Forensic psychology
Forensic psychology

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3 DI Bullet’s investigation so far

Based on his knowledge of local criminals, DI Bullet was fairly certain of who the armed robbers were before he began his interviews with Seth and Lila.

He used the interviews to ask the witnesses about his prime suspects, The Sergeant and Fat Baz. His skill in constructing a case and collecting evidence to support his ideas, meant that, as a result of the interviews, he had testimony from both witnesses that fitted his conclusions very well.

Without any physical evidence to corroborate his ideas, he decided not to proceed directly to arresting the suspects. Instead he wanted to see if he could generate additional evidence, before arresting them. DI Bullet perceives Lila as his star witness and sees Seth’s role as only being useful in providing support for the evidence he gains from Lila. He asks Lila to create two Photofit images, one of the driver that kidnapped Liz and one of the unmasked robber. He worked with Lila, reminding her of the descriptions they agreed on at interview:

  • Driver – 6 foot 4 inches, Caucasian male, a tough looking, bald guy in his 30s.
  • Unmasked robber – 5 foot 3 inches, male, of Indian ethnicity, overweight, in his 20s and with long, black curly hair.

The Photofit images she produced are shown in Figure 6.

Figure 7 Photofit images produced by Lila

To check on the accuracy of the images, DI Bullet then shows them to Seth, who agrees that they are good likenesses. Bullet then asks Seth to search through an album of mug shots (photos of possible suspects) and see if he recognises any of them. The album contains photos of both The Sergeant and Fat Baz, but Seth fails to recognise them and says he is really not sure he can recognise the perpetrators. Concerned he may not have looked properly, DI Bullet points out a few of the more likely suspects, including The Sergeant and Fat Baz. Seth looks at them carefully, but still says he is uncertain.

DI Bullet posts the Photofit images on the police website and has copies placed on noticeboards around the warehouse area where the abandoned car was found and where he knows The Sergeant and Fat Baz operate. The posters show the images and offer a reward for anyone offering information. Within a week, he has received 32 phone calls from people who have seen the Photofits and think they know who they represent. Three of these callers name Fat Baz and one names The Sergeant.

Believing this might be all the evidence it is possible to gather, DI Bullet arrests The Sergeant and Fat Baz.