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Forensic psychology
Forensic psychology

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4.3 DS Sund shows the ID parades to Seth

Figure 14

DS Sund decides to show Seth the two VIPER video identification parades in the same order, first the one for the driver and then the one for the unmasked robber. She once again reads the same instructions before and after showing the video parade.

The first time he watches the video parade for the driver, Seth asks for it to be paused on faces 2, 7 and 8. After the second time of seeing it he asks to see faces 2 and 7 again. When DS Sund asks him ‘Did the person you saw on Wednesday and later referred to in your statement to the police appear in the images just shown to you?’, Seth responds that he is just not sure.

DS Sund repeats the process for the video parade of the unmasked robber and this time Seth does not ask to see any of the faces again. In response to the questions after the parade, Seth says the person did appear in the images and that it was face 3.

DS Sund then thanks Seth for participating in the procedure and reminds him that he should get in contact if he remembers anything additional or has any concerns.

As Seth did not select anyone from the first parade, the result was a negative identification. The person (face 3) he selected from the second parade was the suspect that DS Sund had been investigating, so the result is that Seth provided a positive identification for this parade.